Arc Welding Supplier

For premier bevelling machine suppliers, look no further than AXXAIR.

AXXAIR are arc welding suppliers of machines from SC121 (A or E) to SC421E. With industry-standard parts and a user-friendly interface and operation, AXXAIR’s welding machinery is quick and effective and requires only a few hours of training, which we can provide. Founded in 1997, AXXAIR is a significant player in both the French and global markets in the manufacture of orbital cutting, bevelling and welding machinery. With subsidiaries in Korea, China, Germany and USA, as well as distribution partners in over 35 countries, AXXAIR’s reach as suppliers of arc welding machinery is truly global.

We are developers, manufacturers and suppliers of bevelling machines, ranging from GA121 to GA321. Our machines can bevel a pipe or tube in a single rotation, preparing the pipe or tube for welding quickly and effectively. Most of our machines can be converted into orbital cutting and orbital welding machines. With an AXXAIR product, you therefore get three machines in one, all of which are simple to operate. We are bevelling machine suppliers who focus on innovation. We will strive to meet your needs if you require a specialized solution outside our standard catalogue.