Squaring Machines

AXXAIR's range of orbital squaring machines offers precision and versatility.

If you are looking for versatile and easy-to-use squaring machines, AXXAIR has been offering top-quality and user-friendly machine tools since 1997 and is represented in over 35 countries worldwide. When preparing tubes and pipes for welding, whether on-plate or in-line welding, it is essential that each has a precise and burr-free edge. Our squaring machines offer you not only this precision, but also simplicity of operation, settings and very quick speeds. Our focus at AXXAIR is on customer satisfaction first and foremost, so we work to bring you machine tools provide you with exceptional value for money and satisfy your requirements.

Our orbital squaring machines can quickly and simply prepare your pipes and tubes for welding after they have been cut. Squaring or bevelling is completed with a single rotation of the motor around the pipe or tube, and the shavings are also removed in one rotation, ensuring that our machines deliver quality results at rapid speeds. In fact, our orbital bevelling machines operate ten times faster than an average HSS tool! The diameter range of our orbital squaring machines and bevelling machines is wide, but if you require especially large diameters and special adaptations, contact us.

AXXAIR’s tube squaring machines are also versatile: most can be converted into orbital cutting and welding machines, meaning that you get three applications in one machine. But that’s not all! Besides tube squaring machines we also develop and sell an impressive range of orbital welding equipment, including sophisticated power sources, and orbital cutting machines. This means that we can provide for all your cutting, squaring and welding needs. We also provide training on- or off-site to ensure that your workers can operate the machinery safely and effectively.

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