Tube to tubesheet orbital welding

AXXAIR supplies machines for precise and top-quality tube to tube-sheet welding.

Tube to tube-sheet orbital welding requires specialized equipment that can reliably produce quality results time and time again. AXXAIR can fulfil these requirements and more. We have been manufacturing and supplying simple, effective and trustworthy orbital machine tools since 1997, and thus have a wealth of experience to offer you. Whether you need an orbital squaring machine, a cutting machine or tube to tube-sheet orbital welding equipment, AXXAIR has a remarkable range of machine tools to offer in its catalogue, as well as a special commitment to customer satisfaction.

AXXAIR’s tube to tube-sheet welding machines have a number of features that guarantee reliable and good quality welding. These include rotating joints for gas, current and cooling, an integrated rotating wire feeder, a wire feed space from 0 to 1.5m/min, and a water-cooled tilt head. Our SATP-80 tube to tube-sheet welding machine is paired with the AXXAIR SASL-300 high cooling capacity 1200W power source that comes with a colour touch screen, integrated printer and memory card with up to 200 orbital welding programs. AXXAIR also has a special machine department that can develop a custom solution for you if your needs are beyond our standard catalogue.

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