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Modified Standards

Ø1100 Orbital Cutting Machine


Basic chuck jaw Ø 711 to Ø 1016 mm
Cutting precision: perpendicularity < 0.4 mm
Weight: 900 kg

Machine used in the semiconductor industry to cut compressed air supply tubes.

Bevel Cut Thick Tube


Diameters: Ø 219 to Ø 420 mm
Thicknesses: 5 to 15 mm
Materials: Steels and stainless steel

Specific features: cuts and bevels without unclamping the tube between the two operations.
Bevel with profile tracking to allow for out-of-roundness of tubes.

V bevel in 1 to 2 passes.
Tool with screw-on carbide plates.

Twin Motor Cutting Machine For Pipeline


Diameters: Ø 315 to Ø 520 mm
Thicknesses: 5 to 15 mm
Materials: Steels

Specific features: automatic cutting with two blades

Split Frame Cutting Machine


Feasibility study

Portable machine for in-line cutting of tubes using a saw blade. The machine can be opened and mounted radially on the tubes. It has concentric clamping and is equipped with a cutting blade.
This machine can be equipped with our brazed carbide blades to cut black steels up to 15 mm thick.

Open Cutting Machine


Feasibility study

Machine to cut branched tubes. Semi-open machine allowing branched tubes to pass through. Orbital cutter with saw blade.