Discover AXXAIR's exclusive top-quality pipe cutting machines

AXXAIR presents an exciting range of orbital cutting machines from CC81 to CC1100. With their impressive quality, speed and portability, the cutting machines developed and produced by AXXAIR offer versatile solutions to a range of requirements. If you need cutting done rapidly, AXXAIR’s machines can get through a 304L 88.9X2mm tube in 20 seconds, and it is very simple and quick to adjust the cutting diameter. Not only do these machines cut, but they can also be converted into orbital bevelling and TIG orbital welding machines (with the exception of CC80 and CC121 ECO), enabling you to maximize the machine’s productivity.

AXXAIR’s pipe cutting machines offer the market’s largest diameter range, allowing you to cut from 5mm to 1100mm, and there are eleven models available. With AXXAIR’s patented concentric multi-contact clamping technology, our machines cut without tube deformation. Thus, for stainless steel pipe cutting and bevelling, even thin wall tubes and pipes can be cut with precision and minimal burring. We offer three choices of motor, all of which are easily secured onto or detached from our pipe cutting machines. This means that our machines can be moved effortlessly from workshop to worksite.