Facing Heads Machine Tools

Get quality and versatility with AXXAIR's facing head machine tools.

With a solid commitment to innovation and customer service, AXXAIR has been a top manufacturer of facing head machine tools in France and beyond for the past fifteen years. Our uniqueness is found in the versatility of the machines we offer our customers: each machine body can quickly and easily be adapted to cutting, bevelling and welding! Thus, you get three applications with just one machine body, proving that AXXAIR maximizes the value and productivity that you can get out of our machine tools.

Our components are all made of top quality materials. The welding heads that are part of our orbital pipe welding machines are air- or water-cooled, and easy to use. And, if you require a solution that is not in our standard catalogue, our special machine department can develop and produce equipment tailored to your needs: for example, super-compact welding heads. Whatever your needs, AXXAIR can provide the facing head machine tools that will satisfy them.

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