Metal Pipe saw

AXXAIR: for metal pipe saws that deliver quality results at rapid speeds.

AXXAIR has eleven models of metal pipe saw available, allowing you to cut pipes with diameters from 5mm to 1100mm - the largest diameter range on the market. Our range of orbital cutters goes from CC81 to CC1100 and all AXXAIR these (except the CC80 and CC121 ECO bodies) can be quickly and easily adapted to orbital bevelling and welding. This means that with one machine, you get three different applications and impressive value for money.

But that’s not all! AXXAIR’s machine tools are noteworthy for many other reasons. Firstly, the quality and speed they deliver is remarkable: with an AXXAIR metal pipe saw, even tubes and pipes with thin walls can be cut without deformation because of our patented multi-contact clamping technology. Secondly, our machines are extremely portable, making them as easy to use on a worksite as at a workshop. Lastly, our gear reducing drive wheel ensures an even movement of the tool, increasing blade lifespan and guaranteeing a quality cut with minimal burring.