For superior orbital welding equipment and custom machine solutions, look to AXXAIR.

AXXAIR’s range of orbital machines is an essential for those looking for versatile, top-quality and easy to use cutting, bevelling and welding solutions. Since 1997, AXXAIR has been a significant player in the orbital machine tools market, developing and manufacturing machine tools that demonstrate our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Whether you require an orbital saw to cut through thin tubes without deformation, or a complicated TIG orbital welding solution, AXXAIR has an impressive range of machines in its standard catalogue, as well as a dedicated special machine department that can develop unique solutions to satisfy your needs.

AXXAIR develops and produces a range of orbital welding equipment. Our orbital prefabrication welding machines range from SC121 (A or E) to SC421E, and are also convertible into orbital cutting and bevelling machines. AXXAIR’s orbital welding equipment is simple to operate, safe to use, and incredibly versatile, also covering in-line and on-plate welding. If you need tube to tube-sheet welding, for example, we have machines with rotating joints for gas, current and cooling, water-cooled tilt heads, integrated rotating wire feeders and more to ensure that welding is completed quickly and effectively. And our welding machines deliver impressive results, passing even the most stringent testing (X-ray inspection) with optimal welding quality time and time again.

Along with our welding machines, we also offer a number of orbital welding generators. These, too, are simple to operate and feature a number of features to optimize safety and quality, such as sophisticated cooling and complex tracking systems. Our various TIG power sources feature an HIG colour touch screen, password protection and customized access according to the user, and storage of welding programs and real-time welding data on Flash drives. For intelligent orbital welding generators and machines, AXXAIR’s range is certain to impress.

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