Orbital Welding

AXXAIR: for top-quality orbital bevelling, welding and cutting machines.

Since 1997, AXXAIR have been a leading manufacturer of orbital welding, bevelling and cutting machine tools. Based in France, with subsidiaries in Korea, China, Germany and Spain, and distributors in over 35 countries, AXXAIR is a truly global player. AXXAIR develops and produces orbital welding machines from SC121 (A or E) to SC421E that are made using industry-standard parts and are simple and user-friendly. We also offer a range of welding power sources with sophisticated cooling and complex tracking systems. AXXAIR products are incredibly versatile, too, as each welding machine can be easily converted into a bevelling or cutting machine.

As bevelling machine suppliers, AXXAIR offers you patented orbital bevelling solutions that are simple and fast to operate. The AXXAIR carbide process eliminates vibrations which can be harmful, which means that it can be used with light machines. Orbital bevelling is achieved with one rotation of the motor around the tube or pipe, and the carbide tips also remove shavings in a single rotation. For this reason, AXXAIR equipment works ten times faster than HSS tools. It also comes with a superior service life.

Our orbital cutting machines offer you similar benefits. AXXAIR pipe cutting machines (from CC81 to CC1100)feature our unique and patented concentric multi-contact clamping technology that allows you to cut thin tubes and pipes without deformation. Our machines have the market’s largest diameter range (from 5mm to 1100mm) and we have 11 models available. AXXAIR orbital cutting machines are also extremely quick: a stainless steel tube (304L 88.9x2mm) can be cut in just 20 seconds! We offer a two-year warranty after delivery on all our equipment. We also provide training in cutting, bevelling and orbital welding to equip your workers to operate the machinery safely and effectively.

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