Pipe welding Machines

Need a user-friendly orbital welding machine? AXXAIR supplies the best.

AXXAIR supplies an impressive range of in-line and on-plate pipe welding machines. A French company with family character and a commitment to customer service, AXXAIR also has subsidiaries in four countries and distributors in over 35. We manufacture orbital prefabrication welding machines from SC121 (A or E) to SC421E, as well as in-line and on-plate welding machines, with a wide diameter range for each. We also supply sophisticated orbital welding generators and power sources. Our pipe welding machines can be converted into both orbital cutting and bevelling machines, ensuring that our customers get the best value for money out of our equipment.

If you are looking for a top-quality orbital welding machine that is quick and easy to use, AXXAIR’s range is certain to satisfy your requirements. Our machines offer the optimum in welding quality, passing stringent tests such as X-ray inspections time after time. Whether your needs are for in-line orbital welding or tube to tube-sheet orbital welding, we have an orbital welding machine to achieve your ends in our standard catalogue. And, if your needs are more specialized, our special machine department can develop a custom solution for you, such as a super-compact welding head.

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