Stainless steel pipe cutting machine

AXXAIR: a premier supplier of stainless steel pipe cutting and bevelling equipment.

If you need a stainless steel pipe cutting machine that is simple to use and delivers quality results, look no further than AXXAIR. Founded in 1997, AXXAIR is an essential player in the French and global markets for facing head machine tools. We offer a range of orbital cutting machines for stainless steel pipes, from CC81 to CC1100, which have the market’s largest diameter range (from 5mm to 1100mm). Nearly all our AXXAIR bodies can be quickly and easily adapted to orbital welding and bevelling.

For stainless steel pipe cutting and bevelling, AXXAIR offers unique solutions. Our orbital cutting machines have our patented concentric multi-contact clamping ability, which allows you to cut even thin wall stainless steel tubes and pipes without deformation. Our bevelling machines feature our carbide process which eliminates harmful vibrations and works very effectively, completing the bevel in a single rotation and removing shavings with the same. AXXAIR also offers an array of TIG welding equipment for when the pipes and tubes have been prepared. Explore AXXAIR’s stainless steel pipe cutting and bevelling equipment catalogue for the full range of our offerings.

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