TIG Welding Equipment

For all your TIG orbital welding needs, consult AXXAIR's catalogue today.

AXXAIR is a major supplier of TIG welding equipment worldwide. Based in France since its founding in 1997, the company has subsidiaries in Korea, China, Spain and Germany, and a network of distributors in over 35 countries worldwide. Besides TIG welding equipment, we supply a large range of quality orbital cutting and bevelling machines for pipes and tubes. In fact our machine bodies offer you remarkable value for money because each can be adapted to three different applications. With one body, you can have a machine for stainless steel pipe cutting, bevelling and welding.

AXXAIR’s TIG orbital welding machines are suited to all your tube and pipe welding requirements. We have orbital machines for prefabrication welding, in-line welding, and on-plate welding. Our prefabrication welding machines (SC121 A or E to SC421E) feature a wide diameter range, air- or water-cooling, and industry-standard parts which make the machine easy to use, especially for beginner welders. The in-line TIG orbital weldingmachines come with open (SATO-80M to SATO-220M) or closed heads (SATF-40ND to SATF-115ND) and can weld a variety of diameters and thicknesses. Our orbital tube to tube-sheet welding machines offer rotating joints for gas, current and cooling, and allow you to weld at an angle with precision and quality.

AXXAIR also supplies a selection of TIG power sources of varying sophistication. Our SASL power sources are simple to use and require only a few hours of training, which AXXAIR can provide at our plant or at your premises. These TIG power sources include such features as colour touch screen interfaces, password protection, tracking and customizable programs, meaning that you can have full control over welding processes. In the arc welding supplier market, AXXAIR offer your quality, simplicity and versatility.

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