Looking for prefabrication, on-plate or in-line welding equipment? AXXAIR is the supplier for you.

With fifteen years of experience in supplying quality orbital welding machine tools, AXXAIR is an important player in not only the French, but also the global, orbital machine tools market. Our expertise covers not only welding, but also orbital cutting and bevelling. So, whether you’re looking for an orbital metal pipe saw or an on-plate welding machine, AXXAIR can meet all your requirements. In fact, if your needs go beyond what we offer in our standard catalogue (e.g. a machine to cut thin titanium or remote-controlled machines for the nuclear industry), our special machine department can develop custom solutions for you.

If it is in-line welding that you need to do, AXXAIR’s range of in-line orbital welding machines for tubes and pipes offer a variety of solutions. Our open head machines go from SATO-80M to SATO-220M, which can weld diameters of 10 to 220mm and thicknesses of 1 to 3mm (or 1 to 8mm with bevelling). AXXAIR’s closed head in-line welding machines go from SATF-40ND to SATF-115ND, welding diameters from 6 to 115mm and thicknesses of 0.9 to 3mm. We can also supply you with a tube squaring machine to prepare your pipes and tubes for welding.

AXXAIR’s catalogue includes a variety of welding power sources that offer you a range of options to help keep track of and maintain the quality and safety of your welding operations. They feature HIG colour touch screens, password protection and customized access according to the user, as well as storage of welding programs and data on Flash drives. AXXAIR also provides on- or off-site training in orbital TIG welding, including using our welding power sources effectively, so that you can ensure that the machinery is operated optimally and safely.

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