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20 years of experience in orbital technology.

Our business of manufacturing innovative equipment for the orbital tube working process for the food-processing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industrial markets means that we are constantly improving our exposure and our services to our customers and stockists.

Given our high percentage of export sales (70% of turnover), we can be found worldwide through our subsidiaries and stockists.
Our subsidiaries are widespread, confirming our global presence in innovative industrial processes.

Our Research and Development department


Prototypes, design, industrial engineering, production, special machines: since the origins of our company, our Research and developmentd was always an essential component of our development.
Owner of patents bound to our orbital machines of industrial processes of the tube, AXXAIR explores constantly new ideas bound to the cutting, to the bevelling or to the orbital welding processes.

To bring you the best of the technology through our products, the service was equipped with complementary skills in the domains of the mechanics, the software and the communication, the automatism. We also collaborate with external companies to favor the synergies necessary for the design and the elaboration of new solutions.

Always at the forefront of the industrial technologies for the realization of our special machines, our catalog of standard orbital machines also benefits from evolutions stemming from our works of continuous improvement.

AXXAIR e Ambiente



AXXAIR SAS è impegnata a favore dello sviluppo sostenibile delle attività industriali. Nell’ambito di questo approccio ecosostenibile, abbiamo deciso di non stampare più cataloghi cartacei. Nell’era della connessione globale, riteniamo che ci possa essere un’alternativa pratica ed accettabile da tutti grazie ai cataloghi digitali con funzioni supplementari. Speriamo nella vostra comprensione e che vorrete aderire a questo approccio ecosostenibile sia nell’interesse di tutti noi che delle generazioni future.