STIB Industrie acquired orbital welding machines for the pharmaceutical industry

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In the area of pipe welding, the TIG orbital welding process offers a number of advantages: weld strength, molten metal compactness, full penetration, clean welds with no protuberances, fine seam...

The most notable feature of this process is its very high quality welding seam, in terms of its purity, finished appearance and its surface. This property is particularly interesting when the demand for welding quality is very high, in sectors such as the semiconductor industry, the aerospace industry, or the pharmaceutical industry.

TIG orbital welding and the pharmaceutical and food industry ?
To ensure compliance with hygiene standards !

We can look at
 the example of STIB Industrie which is equipped with the entire range of AXXAIR orbital machines (orbital cutting machines, beveling and orbital welding).

This company used a pulsed TIG welding power source equipped with a SATF-65 closed orbital welding head for the pharmaceutical and food industry to weld stainless steel pipes of diameters ranging from 13 to 53mm, and with a thickness of 3mm.

Advantages of the global process in the petrochemical sector 

For the petrochemical industry the company has also used
 the range of orbital beveling and cutting machines for black steel tubes with a diameter ranging from 33 to 325mm and a maximum thickness of 13mm.

The welding was carried out under a closed gaseous enclosure and all the orbital automatic welding process parameters were programmed before the beginning of the welding. 
For this process the welders are qualified pursuant to NF EN 1418 March 1998.

The company also designed a logo showing AXXAIR machines, as can be seen in this picture!

We thank Stéphane OSTER, the production manager of STIB Industries for sharing his experience.

Discover the orbital TIG welding guide to know all the advantages of orbital welding machines like the STIB company, ! 🙂




Martin LUX

President, STIB Industrie

About STIB Industrie

STIB, founded in April 1982, is specialized in boiler and industrial piping work, the installation of all pipes used to circulate a fluid, assembly of additional equipment: valves, fittings, etc., as well as factory maintenance.

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