Orbital cutting: SINTEC DOMINICANA trusts in AXXAIR

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SINTEC DOMINICANA is specialized in providing services to companies in the food industry. They mostly deal with the installation and maintenance of industrial equipment as well as the installation of piping systems for the food industry.

Founded in 2012, the company has offices in the USA and the Dominican Republic, allowing the piping expert to proactively cover the Caribbean and Central America.

With experience in engineering, efficiency improvement management and project management in the bottling industry, SINTEC DOMINICANA operates in the beer and soft drinks markets and combines both - worldwide know-how and best-in-class services - at a competitive price level.

We wanted to find out more about SINTEC DOMINICANA's initial problems that led the company to put its trust in AXXAIR's know-how and also to gather feedback from the operators who are now working with the orbital cutting machine on a daily basis.

The choice for AXXAIR’s orbital cutting machines

To improve the quality of its piping installations, SINTEC DOMINICANA has chosen AXXAIR for the purchase of its orbital cutting machine.

« In my search for an orbital cutting machine, AXXAIR has stood out against other suppliers for the manufacturing of quality equipment by offering the most robust and compact equipment.” (Manuel Checo, Operations Director).

The company was looking to reduce the execution time of its processes while improving the quality of its installations. These criteria led them to choose our 121 ECO2 cutting machine.

Its concentric clamp jaws hold the tube without deforming it. Its weight (38 kg) allows easy handling and transport on site and in the workshop. In addition, the 1300W motor of the 121 ECO2 machine offers a wide speed range for thin walled stainless-steel tube applications.


AXXAIR quality: a significant time saver
and a perfect cut guarantee

The purchase of this new AXXAIR equipment has allowed SINTEC to improve the tubes’ cutting quality while reducing the execution time, which represents a considerable time saving.

According to Manuel Checo, the advantage of this machine is that the perpendicularity of the cut reduces the preparation time, which, in the case of welding, guarantees a good weld without the need to correct the cut beforehand.

Quality, productivity and profitability are three criteria that our cutting machine improved in this family business.

"We would like to thank the AXXAIR team for its follow-up and the quality of its products, my employees are very happy to work with the cutting machine. Moreover, the use of this machine has significantly improved work efficiency, speed and quality".

We would like to thank Manuel Checo from the company SINTEC DOMINICANA for his testimony!

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Manuel Checo

Operations Manager


SINTEC DOMINICANA is specialized in providing services to companies in the food industry.

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