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Orbital facing


Diameter ø12 - ø115mm

Orbital facing machine : portable, lightweight and designed to be used on site as well as in the workshop.

Tube facing consists in bringing the end of a tube or an accessory into conformity and acts on 3 aspects: the perpendicularity of the tube face (maintenance) - the surface state of the face - a length adjustment.

Burfree facing, the chip unrolls towards the outside of the tube.

Perfect preparation for thin tubes before orbital welding.

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Concentric Clamping
HSS TIALN High Quality inserts
Sliding adjustment of tool Holder
Example of machine on bench
Technical characteristics

- Big range: Ø12 to Ø115 mm through concentric clamping on the full diameter range
- Burr-free tube squaring and bevelling machine
- thickness < 3mm (according to material)
- Ideal tool to face a band saw cut before automatic welding
- Accurate manual advance: 0.1 mm step graduation 4/1000 inches
- Sliding adjustment of tool holder offers easy diameter change and optimal tip wearing
- 30° and 45° outside bevel possible with optional tool holder
- Squaring and bevelling in one operation
- Possibility to use two tools simultaneously
- Minimal straight length of the tube: 58 mm
- Delivered in wooden box
- Weight: 37 kg / 82 lbs
- Motor 1100W with large speed range (2 gear)
- Worm and gear transmission for optimal speed range


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