Elhyss is positioning itself within the agro-pharma final product process thanks to orbital technologies !

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Elhyss specializes in industrial boiler making and in September 2017 they came to our premises for training. We would like to take this opportunity to share their experience. 

As can be seen from their website, the company is active in the industrial sector as a manufacturer of specialized machinery used in a range of applications (waste treatment and feedstock preparation). All the research, manufacturing, development and after-sales services are directly supported by dedicated services. The company produces mechanically welded chassis, sub-assemblies of precision, electricity and automated mechanics.

Olivier Boucq, co-manager of the company, was pleased to be able to share his experience with us.

What are the problems faced by Elhyss in its markets? 

Up to the present time, Elhyss has been actively involved in the pharmaceutical, agri-food and wastewater treatment markets. 

Although present on the pharmaceutical and agri-food market, the company is having difficulties in positioning itself in the final product process! 

In fact, the welding processes used by the company up to now have not allowed it to comply with the demanding standards for end products (for example, circulation of medicines or foodstuffs).

What problems does this pose for the company? 
Elhyss wants to increase its current service quality, in the aims of acquiring new markets and thus gain access to the agro-pharma market for the final product process. 

What option was finally chosen ? 

The use of orbital technologies has allowed the company to diversify 
and thus access markets which are subject to more demanding standards!

Elhyss turned to AXXAIR cutting and welding solutions. We provided a demonstration of AXXAIR products and Elhyss was immediately reassured by the commitment of our salespeople, and their perfect knowledge of the products.

The company opted for AXXAIR orbital machines: an orbital cutting and closed head welding machine, in particular the SAXX-200  power source and the SATF 115  closed welding head.

As a reminder, TIG automated orbital welding remains the best solution to address the problems faced by Elhyss. Indeed, this also permits the quality and the repeatability of the welds to be increased, and allows for weld documentation (DMOS, ...). Discover all the other advantages of orbital TIG welding here.

Why choose AXXAIR? What are the benefits? 


The quality of the demonstration, product quality and price/quality relationship were also key advantages.

We can also quote: 

  • Mobility: AXXAIR was shown to be mobile. The demonstration was carried out at Elhyss' premises.
  • Logical interface, intuitive and qualitative, unrestricted (everything is modifiable). 
    Access to all welding parameters. AXXAIR knows its business !
  • The prices and products offered by AXXAIR corresponded with company expectations.
  • Rapid return on investment in technology
  • Design: robust product, mechanical design, know-how 
  • AXXAIR Training/Welcome: a perfect welcome far beyond what Elhyss imagined. 
    Knowledge of the subject, education and training. 


Elhyss is pleased to have chosen AXXAIR products. It can now access the final product process on the agro-pharma market! 

Thanks to Olivier Boucq, co-manager of the company, for his testimony !


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Olivier BOUCQ

Co-manager of ELHYSS


Elhyss, a specialist in industrial boiler making, operates in the industrial sector as a manufacturer of specialized machinery in various fields of application (waste treatment and load preparation).

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