AXXAIR’s orbital products help our distributor ANT answer their customers’ demands

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ANT is one of AXXAIR’s official distributors and supports their customers in 3 European countries by supplying different innovative products and providing a full service.

When they came to AXXAIR’s head office in France for technical training, we had the opportunity to talk to ANT’s General Manager Daniel and the Sales Manager Juraj. We discussed about the partnership between the two companies and our shared values.


ANT’s DNA : always looking for new and innovate products

ANT is a trading company that distributes international brands in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. The company is number 1 in the distribution and service of professional tools for plumbers in the water, gas, and the heating sector and is also specialized in welding plastics.

DSC_0092ANT’s aim has always been to bring something new and innovative to their customers in order to help them move forward in their production processes. This is a strategy that helps the customers to be a step ahead of their competitors.

With an experience of more than 20 years in the distribution of professional tools, ANT searched for a new and innovative product line in order to propose new technologies to their customers who are always looking for unique solutions.


The discovery of AXXAIR’s solutions and
the beginning of a partnership

In order to find new products that could help meet more demands, Juraj and Daniel visited a lot of international exhibitions. They were looking for products that best fit their strategy.

AXXAIR’s cutting machines had already appeared on the Slovakian, Hungarian and Czech Republican markets, so ANT heard of the French manufacturer and their products.

But it was on the international exhibition “Tube” in 2016, one of the world’s most important trade fairs for the tube and tube processing industry that AXXAIR and ANT first met. The two companies started to work together in 2017.

Become a distributor of AXXAIR's products

Which problems faced their customers ?
Why did ANT choose to work with AXXAIR ?

As a lot of industrial companies, ANT’s customers faced stricter standards. New projects pushed them to look for machines that guarantee precise tube work. The tools and equipment the companies owned, weren’t sufficient for the work they had to do.

It was the technology that convinced ANT to work with AXXAIR. By completing their product range, the trading company would be able to meet the requirements they couldn’t reach with their standard product catalogue.

DSC_0110The goal was not only to be able to strengthen and expand existing business relationships, but also to increase the customer base and find new markets.

So far, customers’ feedback on AXXAIR is positive in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. They appreciate to see and use “something innovative and new” and the fact that the machines are easy to use and allow to have the best preparation and welding of tubes.


But… ANT is aware that the simple sale of the product is not enough. Customers are looking for more: they need a good service to feel reassured.


The Service – an important and shared value

It is not only about machines but also about services” says Juraj. Even though they operate in 3 different countries, they have the same principles each and every time : Service and long lasting relationships.

In addition to efficiency and profit-driven solutions, ANT provides services to the customers for their entire product range. “Thanks to our good relationships, we have more than 2,000 permanent business partners.”

And the customers appreciate these constant efforts: “Good personal investment, advice, hospitality, and good prices” explain the loyalty of the customers.

AXXAIR and ANT have similar way of selling. Both companies know that it is not only the after-sales service that matters. Demonstration and advice are part of the process: the customer needs to know what a machine can actually do !


Exclusive distributor of AXXAIR's orbital solutions

AXXAIR protects its partners. It is important for the French manufacturer to build real partnerships with the distributors. AXXAIR counts over 40 distributors all over the world.

ANT is one of those partners. The company has different demonstration machines and participates to exhibitions like Brno to show the machines to potential customers. 




And for AXXAIR, it is important to support them with sales and service.

“We can count on a good and quick support from AXXAIR, in both ways : technical and sales. And when we come to France, our partners take good care of us; it is a pleasure being part of the AXXAIR Group”.

Take a look on the website ANT created to present AXXAIR’s product range.

 Thank you to Juraj and Daniel for this interview, we are very proud to be one of your “permanent business partners”.

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Exclusive distributor of AXXAIR's orbital solutions

About ANT

ANT is a trading company that distributes international brands in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

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