3 things to notice about Tube 2016 !

Tube Show 2016 was at Düsseldorf from 4 to 8th April. Axxair was there, and we are going to give you our impressions about this fair !

The Tube 2016 show, the world’s leading trade fair for specialists in the tube industry, which opened on April 4th in Düsseldorf and which closes its doors on Friday, has fulfilled its potential, just like every year. The significant drop in oil prices has adversely affected the market for large pipes, but overall the sector is remains healthy and some market segments have even recorded sustained growth, as confirmed by the report made available on the event’s website.

At the show, AXXAIR is exhibiting two new tube dressing models, DC221 to correct the effects of cutting tubes incorrectly or using imprecise methods.

Overall, although it seemed to me that things got off to rather a slow start, business seemed met expectations, at least judged by the flow of visitors to our stand.

An essential event in the calendar for welding, cutting, and chamfering professionals, as this is, is a good opportunity to take stock of trends and developments in our business.

Personally, I took away these three observations :

#1 Tube 2016 is as “international” as ever

Even though Düsseldorf has created offshoots in India and Shanghai, from my point of view Tube 2016 remains one of the most “international” exhibitions. The multitude of exhibitors, from all five continents, as well as the influx of visitors from so many countries confirms this – as if there was any need. That works out well, because Axxair’s strategy has always been to expand internationally through a network of highly effective distributors as well as subsidiaries, particularly in Germany, Korea, and the USA.


#2 Laser technology is gaining ground

Laser technology seems to be getting more and more common as a technique for welding and cutting all kinds of complex shapes. A number of different suppliers were in attendance at the event, including Mazak with new machines dedicated to pipe cutting, or Rofin, which is another company that specializes in this technology.


#3 Chinese companies increasing their presence

This is particularly prevalent in the cutting and chamfering sectors, where Chinese companies are making inroads in the OEM market, offering labels for the reseller market. More Chinese companies were also in attendance, such as Starfit who had a live exhibit at the show, in contrast to previous years.

In conclusion, even though there hasn’t been a technological revolution in the welding market, the Düsseldorf show remains an essential date in the calendar for the sector!



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