Why does AXXAIR attach such great value to after-sales-training?

The satisfaction of the client after the purchase of orbital welding equipment is our main concern. It is important to us that the welders and welding machine operators have a perfect theoretical and practical knowledge of our machines.

No piece of orbital welding equipment leaves our premises unless we have thoroughly thought about user training. In fact, the welder needs to be comfortable with the welding equipment right from the start in order to properly work with the power supply and the welding heads. Not only for his own safety (eye protection, radiation, ventilation of the room ...), but also for the safety of the equipment itself (in case of improper handling, the warranty no longer applies).

We offer training courses on our premises, at our distributors or in your workshop. AXXAIRs show room is fully equipped with machines for cutting, squaring, beveling as well as with orbital welding equipment.

Note that the courses we offer are trainings on how to use orbital TIG welding equipment and not a full training course for welding.

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Courses tailored to your level of experience

When our trainees arrive, our first step is to make an initial assessment of their level of experience… and everyone knows this works best over a nice cup of coffee which gives us the opportunity to get to know one another. Welding machine operators or welders, young or old, experienced or beginners – we adapt the training to your skills and profile. Each training is tailor-made and accompanied by our course booklet.


Theoretical and practical approaches

With the help of our presentations and the know-how of our team, theory and practice are closely linked together. Many of the trainees bring along parts that they will have to weld as soon as they return to the workshop. Of course, the aim is not to create a WPS for them, but to provide them with all the advice and information they need to carry out the work independently, in their own working environment.


AXXAIRs Research and Development department is always focused on 2 very important aspects:

  • building ergonomic power supplies for orbital welding that are easy to use on site or in the workshop
  • and power supplies that are easy to set up.


Continuous support after the training and a will to succeed!

Some companies express the need to have their employees be accompanied for the on-site start-up at the beginning of a project. This might be the case if for example the environmental conditions render it necessary.

We go all out to make sure the training is carried out under the best possible conditions. We are always aware of our trainees, accompany them during meals, take care of their hotel reservations and the interaction with AXXAIRs employees is always very open and warm-hearted. It is a positive and welcoming atmosphere that makes the participants feel at home.


We take our time: all the technical information and the handling of the orbital TIG welding equipment need to be understood 100%. In fact, AXXAIR is an accredited training center, so quality and professionalism are guaranteed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you might have about our training courses.

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Écrit par
Frédéric Legrand

CEO and founder of AXXAIR