T.I.A. is pleased with the quality and repeatability of orbital welds !

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T.I.A designs, manufactures and commissions industrial installations using membrane filtration techniques. The company attaches great importance to complying adequately to the demands of its most demanding customers. How can orbital welding help them meet their customers' demands ? 

Markets with an ever-increasing number of standards

Specialized in process applications in the agro-food, food, bio-ingredients, biotechnology, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors, the company wanted to find a responsive and experienced partner in the field of orbital welding.

These markets demand compliance with standards, and thus a superior quality of welding with perfect weld penetration.

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T.I.A has been able to expand its business thanks to the repeatability of the welds achieved by AXXAIR orbital welding machines 


T.I.A wanted to further develop its business in the area of thin walled stainless steel tube applications with wall thickness of up to 2 mm in order to win even more important projects in the food and beverage industry where orbital welding has become the leading technology.


"Since we have worked with AXXAIR before, we have always been satisfied with the machines and the repeatability of the welds they offerWe were also able to develop a relationship of trust which was confirmed by the technical demonstration carried out in November 2016.

Their commercial approach, professionalism and the autonomy of the technical demonstration they arranged on our premises were key elements in the decision process to acquire AXXAIR welding equipment. The technical training that AXXAIR provided for handling the machines we acquired in their facilities only reinforced the positive aspects that led us to choose AXXAIR."

- Commentary by David Reboursiere and Maryfleur Guillon of T.I.A

And then ? 

The company has now purchased 2 machines: SATF115-NDH and an orbital welding power source supply SASL-160T. This power source is one of the previous models of our new SAXX welding power supplies.

In the future, the company would like to develop other projects that require the use of orbital welding machines. Indeed, thanks to acquiring the technology, they have increased profitability, won more time and also enhanced their reputation !

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About T.I.A

Founded in 1989, T.I.A. designs, manufactures and commissions industrial and pilot plants using membrane filtration techniques. Its ambition is to become a company recognized by all for its expertise, quality and performance of the units and services it delivers.

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