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Product data sheet

ø33 - ø170mm

Technical characteristics

- Basic jaws Ø 2,75” to 6,625“ ( Ø70 to Ø170 mm )
- Included stainless steel auxiliary jaws Ø 0,625” to 4,65” ( Ø 33 to Ø 118 mm )

- Supplied with plastic protection and profile guide
- Technology: screw carbide inserts: 10 x faster than HSS tools. Superior service life
- Max 8 mm according to spinner*

- Patented System

- Scalability: may be transformed into a cutting and orbital welding machine

- Weight: 44 kg / 97 lbs (easy handling)

V bevel with profile guide roller

J bevel with profile guide roller

Outer profile guide system: to account for tube ""out of round""

Rotation handle as standard: extends blade life and optimizes cutting quality

  • Catalogue Numbers



  • Motors

    GA10-220 : 230V mono

    GA10-110 :120V mono

  • Accessories

    CCPS21: support feet
    CCBSB-001: bench with height adjustment - 1.5 m
    CCBSB-002: additional 1.5 m bench

    CCSA21 : Pneumatic clamping for 121/171/221 and DC115-BM / DC221-BM

    SAEP-00 : electric rotation autoline 121 to 321 ( 120V - 230V )

    CCSER1/CCSER2: simple/bearing stand

    All motors are delivered in their individual case, including the necessary tools

  • Consumables

    PC30-08-B02: carbide inserts

    TV-300: 30° spinner (Max 8mm)
    TV-375: 37.5° spinner (Max 7mm)
    TV-450: 45° spinner (Max 6,5mm)

    TJ-100: 10° spinner with 6 rollers (Max 8mm)

    All spinner are delivered with their carbide inserts mounted