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    New catalog for SAXX-200 and associated products

    All the details for the new products
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    Health Industry Standards

    Which welding process to use to meet health standards?


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    New AXXAIR power source SAXX-200

    Latest generation orbital inverter easier to operate with full Data acquisition including machine and purge gas real flow Find out all...

    Tuesday 25 October 2016
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    New range of open head welding machines

    New range of inline open head welding machines, with angle transmisison motor or straight transmission motor.

    Monday 18 January 2016

Our team

  • Liana

    Commerciale Sédentaire Export / Export Sales Office representative

  • David, YOO

    Technico-commercial Export Asie / Technical Sales (Overseas) - Aisan countries

  • Edouard

    Monteur - SAV / After Sales and Assembling Technician

  • Sungchul, MUN

    Technico-commercial Corée - Industries IT / Technical Sales (Domestic) - IT Industries

  • Alexandre

    Responsable atelier / Workshop Manager

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