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Product data sheet

ø140 - ø330mm

Technical characteristics

- Basic stainless steel jaws Ø8,5” to 12,75”( Ø216
to Ø 330 mm )
- Included stainless steel auxiliary jaws Ø5,5” to Ø 10” ( Ø 140 to Ø 256 mm )
- Cutting precision: perpendicular cutting < 0.25
- Dual-output cutting motor with 2 blade positions
for uptake
- Scalability: may be transformed into a bevelling
and orbital welding machine • Lifting eye

- Weight: 73 kg / 161 lbs (easy handling)

Optimiszed blade-jaws distance
Limits vibration and tube distortion

Concentric clamping with 8 jaws in stainless steel, standard, to eliminate tube distortion

Motors: slow, fast, pneumatic

Rotation handle as standard: extends blade life and optimizes cutting quality

  • Catalogue Numbers






  • Motors

    Motor 230V, mono :
    FS29: Thickness Inox <5mm
    FS25: Thickness Inox >5mm

    Motor 120V, mono :
    FS19: Thickness Inox <5mm
    FS15: Thickness Inox >5mm

    MOPD: pneumatic 60 to 110 rpm, air flow rate 1500 l/min at 6 bar

    All motors are delivered in their individual case, including the necessary tools

  • Accessories

    CCPS21: support feet

    CCBSB-001: bench with height adjustment - 1.5 m
    CCBSB-002: additional 1.5 m bench

    SAEP-00 : electric rotation autoline 1CC21 to CC321 ( 120V - 230V )

    CCSER1/CCSER2: simple/bearing stand

  • Consumables

    LS6872 : 1 to 3 mm
    LS6844 : 2 to 7 mm
    LS8080: 1 to 3 mm
    LS8054: 2 to 7 mm
    LS8034 : 5 to 12 mm
    LS9038 : 5 to 15 mm

    LCA9028A : Carbide saw blades for carbon steel only thick. 4 to 15mm

    CCLUH: lubricant