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Product data sheet

ø3 - ø63.5mm

Technical characteristics

Burr-free tube squaring and bevelling machine
- Accurate manual advance (0.1 mm steps)
- Quick blade adjustment, no disassembly required
- Light and compact: 7.1 kg with battery
- Removable support foot
- 30° and 45° outside bevel possible with optional tool holder.
- squaring and bevelling in one operation

Drill / Driver
- QuiXS quick change system
- 18V motor
- Lithium-Ion technology
- LED battery charge indicator
- Supplied with two 3Ah 18V batteries, rapid battery charger

Jaw opens wide for easy positioning of tube.

QuiXS: Lets you change the head or fit a chuck in just a few seconds.

Tool adjusted to the diameter of tube to be machined in just a few seconds.

  • Catalogue Numbers

    DC65-G2 (230 V)

    DC65-G1 (120 V)

  • Accessories

    DCM65A-XX: Jaws for diameters between 1 and 2,5 inches for the DC65.

    DCM65B-XX: Jaws for diameters between 0,1 and 1 inch. for the DC65.

    DCM6525: Spacer for fitting DC25 jaws on a DC65.

    DC65-P300: 30° bevel tool holder
    DC65-P450: 45° bevel tool holder

  • Consumables

    DC-OUT1: Box of 10 blades, TIALN HSS-E

    DC-UOUT1: Blade, TIALN HSS-E (single unit)

    DC-OUT2: Blade tightening screwTool adjusted to the diameter of tube to be machined in just a few seconds