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Product data sheet

ø3 - ø63.5mm

Technical characteristics

Burr-free tube squaring and bevelling machine
- Accurate manual advance (0.1 mm steps)
- Quick blade adjustment, no disassembly required
- Light and compact: 7.1 kg with battery
- Removable support foot
- 30° and 45° outside bevel possible with optional tool holder.
- squaring and bevelling in one operation
- Reduction housing in cast aluminium

Mains motor
- Motor 1100W.
- Two speed reducer with thumbwheel speed change.
- Top quality speed changer.
- Anti-start protection.

Jaws open wide for easy positioning of tube.

HSS TIALN HIGH QIALITY Reversible blade (two cutting edges)

Tool adjusted to the diameter of tube to be machined in just a few seconds.

  • Catalogue Numbers

    DC65-M1 (120 V)

    DC65-M2 ( 230V)

  • Accessories

    DCM65A-XX: Jaws for diameters between 1 and 2,5 inches for the DC65.

    DCM65B-XX: Jaws for diameters between 0,1 and 1 inch. for the DC65.

    DCM6525: Spacer for fitting DC25 jaws on a DC65.

    DC65-P300: 30° bevel tool holder
    DC65-P450: 45° bevel tool holder

  • Consumables

    DC-OUT1: Box of 10 blades, TIALN HSS-E

    DC-UOUT1: Blade, TIALN HSS-E (single unit)

    DC-OUT2: Blade tightening screwTool adjusted to the diameter of tube to be machined in just a few seconds