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Product data sheet


Technical characteristics

- Orbital welding power source, 400V +/15% 3 phases + earth, 50/60Hz ,Imax = 24A
- Integrated cooler: 1400 W cooling capacity with 1L/min

- Cooling safety system: flow rate, pressure
- Max. current 300 A
- Power factor: 210 A, 100%
- Assistance for programs creation : welding passes presentation with autoComputing multi-passes

- Supplied with a memory card with 200 programs, 20 levels each

5.7"" colour touch screen remote control. Secure, multi-lingual access

Drives up to 4 shafts, depending on the version: wire feed, AVC, OSC and wire

Integrated printer

  • Catalogue Numbers




  • Accessories

    SAGC-300: power source trolley

    SACF-020: Memory card

    SALCF-020: memory card reader

  • Consumables

    SACW-C006: Coolant

    SIMP-02: printer spool for SASL