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Product data sheet

ø25 - ø170mm

Technical characteristics

- Ideal for Multi-pass welding up to 12,7 mm thickness
- AVC regulation of the position of the electrode (20 mm stroke)

- Oscillation OSC capacity: 20 mm stroke
- Symmetrical quick clamping through lever
- Motor with encoder : allows for tungsten electrode start-up at all angles and a wide range of diameters
- Axial adjustment of the electrode
- Rotating free space around the tube: 147 mm radius from center of tube
- Compatible with AVC/OSC module upgrade

Weight: 12,7 kg / 27 lbs (without cables)

Very compact design
Two motor positions available

Oscillation stroke :20mm
AVC stroke : 20 mm
Max speed: 15mm/s

SATO-xxxE31: Straight motor
Symmetrical clamping

SATO-xxxE32 : Angle transmission motor Symmetrical clamping

SOAF: AVC/OSC modulde

  • Catalogue Numbers



  • Accessories

    SAFS-310 : Wire harness extension 10 M

    SKIB-01: gas protection kit - plugs Ø6 to 41 mm

    SKIF-01: gas protection kit - membranes Ø40 to 120 mm

  • Consumables

    SCE16-50 : Ø 1,6 mm

    SCE24-50 : Ø 2,4 mm