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Product data sheet

ø25 - ø115mm

Technical characteristics

- Water cooled including outer body
- Stainless steel collets
- Spring mounted axis and spring closing lever: takes in account ovality of the tubes
- Tool free fixing of the collets through a push button: no risk to loose keys..
- Upper window available as an option.
- Dedicated to thin wall tubing up to 2,5 mm (3 mm in some cases)
- Able to be used under 120A, 100% duty cycle
- Narrow head: 41 mm total, 20,5 mm from electrode to the outside
- Safety Cable integrated in the hosing to avoid pulling on the inner cables

Weight : 9,9 Kg / 22 lbs

- DC Motor with Tachy
- All connectors directly compatible with AMI power sources
- Compatible with AMI Auto calibration feature

Toll-free jaw fitting

All machines are delivered in their individual case

Compatible with AMI power sources ( 205, 207 models )

Connectors compatible for AMI power sources

  • Catalogue Numbers


  • Accessories

    SSED-16: offset tungsten electrode support Ø 1.6 mm offset range 4 to 7.5 mm

    SSED-24: offset tungsten electrode support Ø 2.4 mm offset range 4 to 7.5 mm

    SAFS-210 : Wire harness extension 10 M

    SMN115-XX Clamping jaws Ø in mm

    SATF115ND-A001 Window for SATF-115ND and MI

    SAGC-121 : SATF-40 / SATF-65 / SATF-115 Handler

  • Consumables

    SCE16-XX : Ø 1,6 mm

    SCE24-XX : Ø 2,4 mm