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Product data sheet

ø6 - ø40mm

Technical characteristics

- Water-cooled head
- Dual-wing opening
- Clamping jaws - stainless steel (1 kit per diameter)
- Tungsten electrode specific to diameter
- Motor with coder: allows for tungsten electrode start-up at all angles
- High protection against start-up without tungsten electrode

Weight: 8.8 kg / 19 lbs

- All machines are delivered in their individual case

Tool-free jaw fitting

Remote control keypad

Driven by AXXAIR power source ( cf compatibility table )

Adjustable spring- loaded system: to account for tube ""out of round""

  • Catalogue Numbers


  • Accessories

    SSED-16: offset tungsten electrode support Ø 1.6 mm offset range 4 to 7.5 mm

    SSED-24: offset tungsten electrode support Ø 2.4 mm offset range 4 to 7.5 mm

    SAFS-210 : Wire harness extension 10 M

    SMN40-XX Clamping jaws Ø in mm

    SATF40ND-A001 Window for SATF-40ND and MI

    SAGC-121 : SATF-40 /65 /115 Handler

  • Consumables

    SCE16-XX : Ø 1,6 mm

    SCE24-XX : Ø 2,4 mm