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You have acquired an AXXAIR welding set
You already have the equipment and wish to train new employees
You wish to raise awareness of or train your employees in orbital welding before attacking new markets or projects
AXXAIR can arrange, at your request, demonstrations on the entire orbital process, cutting, bevelling, welding and/or training days specifically on using our machines for your applications.
AXXAIR is able to give training sessions under the professional training agreement.


We produce samples on behalf of our current and prospective customers. You can therefore see the result of welding and even test it yourself to validate it before purchasing. Should you purchase the equipment, we supply the weld report with all the programmes used to avoid having to repeat them.

Equipment warranty

From the date of delivery of the equipment, once the warranty card has been returned to us, we apply a 24-month warranty for the mechanical and pneumatic components and twelve months for the electrical and electronic components. All our suppliers are selected against high Quality criteria.