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Orbital beveling

AXXAIR's unique and patented concept

Operating speed 10 times higher than this one possible with an HSS tool

The AXXAIR carbide process

The AXXAIR carbide process eliminates harmful vibrations and means that it can be used on light machines. Bevel is completed in a single rotation of the motor around the tube or pipe, and is therefore fast. Operation, settings, and bevelling are simple and fast. The diameter range of each machine is very large and does not require specific jaws

An tracking device is originally setup

Ideal preparation for tubes and pipes before welding

Orbital beveling

In orbital bevelling, the volume of shavings is removed through by a single rotation around the pipe. The shaving removal capacities of the carbide tips therefore responds perfectly to this application (unlike the HHS tool). Please contact us about large diameters and special adaptations.