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  • Benvenuto

    Nuova gamma di generatori e prodotti associati

    Nuevo catalogo di generatori e prodotti associati
  • Benvenuto

    Health Industry Standards

    Which welding process to use to meet health standards ?


  • News

    New AXXAIR power source SAXX-200

    Latest generation orbital inverter easier to operate with full Data acquisition including machine and purge gas real flow Find out all...

    Martedì 25 Ottobre 2016
  • News

    New range of inline open head welding machines

    New range of inline open head welding machines, with angle transmisison motor or straight transmission motor.

    Lunedì 18 Gennaio 2016

Lo staff

  • Dukyoung, JANG

    Technico-commercial Export Chine-Taiwan / Technical Sales (Overseas) - China, Taiwan

  • Kevin

    Service Department Engineer

  • Amy, BANG

    Coordination des Ventes / Sales Coordinator

  • Thomas

    Technicien Soudage (IWT) / IWT Welder Technician

  • Muriel

    Expéditions - Magasin / Expedition - Warehouse

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