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  • Willkommen

    Neue Produktreihe offene Schweißköpfe

    Neue Modelle der inline offenen Schweißköpfe; zwei verfügbare Motorlagen.
  • Willkommen

    Health Industry Standards

    Which welding process to use to meet health standards ?
  • Willkommen

    Neue Anplanmaschinen

    Neue Produktreihe Anfasmaschinen bis zu 115mm


  • News

    New range of open head welding machines

    New range of inline open head welding machines, with angle transmission motor or straight transmission motor.

    Montag 18 Januar 2016
  • Orbital Technology Blog

    Welding and confined spaces : what solutions are available?

    To weld in confined spaces raises numerous problems, that they are connected to the comfort of the welders, but also...

    Samstag 16 Januar 2016

Das Team

  • Benjamin

    Outside Sales

  • David, YOO

    Technico-commercial Export Asie / Technical Sales (Overseas) - Aisan countries

  • Clément

    Directeur Filiale / Subsidiary Head Manager

  • Luc

    Directeur Technique / R&D Officer

  • Myoung, KIM

    Technico-commercial Corée - Pharmacie / Technical Sales (Domestic) - Pharmaceutical

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