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Diameters: Ø 19 mm
Thicknesses: 0.9 mm
Materials: inconel

Specific features: machines to cut inconel tubes on Steam Generators in the nuclear industry. 15,000 tubes per generator with cutting 1 mm from the plate. Concentric tube clamping.

Special blade blowing system. Titanium-coated blades with mounting built into the thickness.

Dual Disk Machine For Dismantling


Square stainless steel tube
Machine handled by arm for cutting in the zone
Specific features: machine with two counter-rotating disks for minimum blade penetration effort. Very strong torque generated.

Double Clamping Cutting For large Thickness


Preliminary feasibility study.

Specific features: Machine to cut thick tubes.

Cutting performed using carbide tool with screw-on plates, with two cutting heads.
Pneumatic double clamping.
Work in vertical and horizontal position.

Longitudinal Vessel Cutting Machine


Preliminary feasibility study.

Longitudinal cutting on steel vessel using saw blade
Specific features: mounting via magnetic sockets and manual feed crank

Cutting Machine For Dismanthling


Diameters: Ø 10 to Ø60 mm
Thicknesses: up to 7 mm
Materials: Steels or stainless steel

Specific features: machine mounted on a manipulator arm for remote cutting via a 200 mm diameter borehole.
The cut is performed without crushing, for subsequent cleaning of the pipes.
Remotely-adjustable swivel heads.

Machine For Dismantling Double-Skin Vessels


Preliminary feasibility study.
Specific features: Machine used to cut double-skin vessels for nuclear applications

CNC Cutting Bench With Saw Blade


Feasibility study

CNC cutting bench to cut double-skin exchangers with interior pipes using a saw blade.

Inclined Plate Core Drilling 


Feasibility study

Machine used for core drilling of inclined plates. The machine is slung and can be mounted alone on the plate, perform core drilling by end milling, hold the plug and remove it. Large-diameter core drilling.

Double Clamping Inside Cutting


Feasibility study

Concentric clamping machine for cutting from the inside. The machine is capable of moving by itself inside the tube to be cut, to reach the cutting location.

Cutting Machine For Glove Box


Dismantling feasibility study

Cutting machine for orbital cutting of large diameters above 80 mm and guillotine cutting of smaller tubes.

Remote-control Tube Cutting


Feasibility study

Portable 'guillotine cutting' machine with saw blade. Machine intended to be remotely controllable with hydraulic drive