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The AXXAIR Group

AXXAIR designs, manufactures, and distributes its orbital tube working machines, like pipe cutters and orbital welding machines, ever since the company's foundation in 1997. Our business focuses on the complete tube working process: orbital cutting, pipe beveling, tube squaring, and orbital welding TIG (GTAW). With now over twenty years of experience under its belt, the group has become an international reference in the market of tube processing.

AXXAIR can support its customers through distributors and subsidiaries with innovative solutions for industrial pipefitting professionals to improve their tube working productivity and quality. We work with a variety of different materials such as stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel, nickel alloys, and even plastic. AXXAIR offers a standard range of products from its catalogue of pipe cutters and orbital welding machinery but also manufactures customized solutions for specific target markets: the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, the manufacturing of semiconductors, aerospace, chemical, and petrochemical industry as well as the nuclear industry and many more.

AXXAIR orbital solutions are used for stainless steel process piping and sanitary welds on tube and pipe. But also, for other applications when there is a need for precision, consistency, and reliability.


Adaptation: our key to success

Understanding our customers and their requirements, anticipating, and meeting their expectations - these are AXXAIRs goals. Thanks to our various services, our R&D department, and our engineering office, we can adapt to the ever-changing market of tube processing. AXXAIR offers unique and original tube working solutions like precision orbital welding machines and pipe cutters. We believe that a long-term, quality relationship with our customers is essential. With the help of our subsidiaries and our global distribution network, we have therefore developed local customer advisory services.

A world leader in the complete tube fabrication process

AXXAIR's commercial strategy of innovation, quality, and performance has turned the company into a leader in the market of orbital tube and pipe cutting, pipe beveling, tube squaring, and orbital welding machines. AXXAIR can support its customers everywhere on the five continents through its head office in France, its subsidiaries in Germany, South Korea, China, and the USA as well as through its worldwide network of over forty distributors.

Quality, Performance and Innovation

The motivated men and women in our team embody AXXAIRs core values quality, performance and innovation.
Driven by these strong values, the company and its employees have established relationships of trust with all their customers.
This commitment has turned AXXAIR - a family business - into a high-performance group, with constantly increasing sales and improving support.

Join experience

AXXAIR is the company to turn to for all tube and pipe fabrication challenges that come with industrial pipefitting, from specialized pipe cutters for preparation to precision orbital welding machines. With a reactive, committed, and experienced team, AXXAIR will always suggest the most suitable solution.
We are right there by your side with a range of support services for every stage of your projects: creating samples, product demonstrations, machine training, after-sales service, etc.
Join experience summarizes our philosophy focused on a community that takes your projects even further.

Skilled Design Office

Creating customized equipment (mechanical, software and communication, automated control systems) and expanding our product catalogue with new solutions

Competent After Sales Service

Service hotline, training for your welders, commissioning and maintenance of your equipment

Global Distribution Network

Global presence for worldwide efficiency

Sales and Service

5 subsidiaries and 98 distributors in over 60 countries

Multi-lingual Sales and Marketing Department

English, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian

Supply Chain Service

Ensuring rapid availability of our equipment (two days to three weeks for the standard catalogue equipment)

Training Centre

Increasing the expertise of our teams, our distributors and our customers


Their commercial approach, professionalism and the autonomy of the technical demonstration they arranged on our premises were key elements in the decision process to acquire AXXAIR welding equipment.

David Reboursiere and Maryfleur Guillonfrom T.I.A

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