Orbital Welding
AXXAIR orbital welding heads
Easy handling

We use simple and easy-to-use standard parts for all our orbital welding heads. This is ideal for those taking their first steps in the world of orbital welding.

Our open orbital welding heads all feature a device for tracking the tube ovality and are available air and water-cooled.

AXXAIR's SAXX welding power sources are easy to set up and operate. You will be able to perform high-quality orbital welds in no time thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Quality and consistency

Great to use for sanitary piping, our orbital welding equipment, and tube cutting machines guarantee high-quality, clean, and repeatable results allowing you to meet ASME BPE standards (standard for American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Bioprocessing Equipment). As long as all parameters - including the preparation of the tube - remain the same, you will receive the same level of quality, weld after weld.

Additional features
  • Optimized gas diffusion for cleaner welds
  • Ergonomics handle - More comfortable to use
  • Offset or inclined tungsten electrode
  • Remote control on the handle of the weld head: start/stop the weld cycle, rotate the tungsten, trigger gas
  • 26 feet cable extension
  • Narrow width closed heads (< 1.5" wide): able to weld long radius elbows without an accessory
  • Cassette configuration available on the closed heads to allow easier fit up in places where set up is challenging (Also improves productivity)
  • Adapted to cleanroom requirements and high-purity / sanitary piping applications
  • Wire  and AVC/OSC options available for pipe welding.
Orbital welding Power Supplies
Our orbital welding power sources

We offer several orbital welding power supplies. The choice of the model depends on the intended use, the tubes that are to be welded and the frequency of utilization. We offer power sources with a maximum current of 300A.

Our power supplies are specifically designed for our orbital welding heads and machines which all respond to the high standards of industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, food processing, aerospace, semiconductors, petrochemicals, and solar - amongst others of course. 

Standard configuration (depending on the model)
  • 5.7" color touch screen 
  • Secured access through passwords depending on the user authorization
  • Auto programming mode for quick and reliable creation of programs
  • Programs are created on a USB stick, space for 200 programs with 20 levels each (per USB)
  • Multi-criteria search engine for finding your programs on the USB
  • Data acquisition mode on the USB stick: storage space for 999 files
  • Printing option included in the USB 
  • Possibility to view the programmed and real parameters during the weld
  • Step mode: synchronization of welding speed to the pulse of the current to weld thick tubes without bevel
  • Tracking of all potential faults during the weld and logging all welding data including possible alarms
  • Optional: AVC (arc voltage control), wire feeding, and oscillation
  • Remote control with an extension cord to control the power source from a distance of up to 20m
  • High-performance water cooling system
  • Calibration of the power source, current and tension
  • Log book counting daily and total number of welds
  • Calculation of the total time of each welding cycle
  • Gas detecting system prevents the destruction of the electrode if no gas is flowing
SAXX-200 orbital welding power supply
Fixed tube, moving torch 

Because the torch is moving around the tube, you can easily manage larger diameters without geometric distortion. Each machine covers a wide range of diameters.

AXXAIR orbital welding closed head elbow welding
Closed, open head and tube-to-tubesheet welding

AXXAIR also designs and manufactures orbital weld heads for tube and pipe.