Orbital solutions


Burr-free tube facing tool and pipe beveling machine
  • Precise manual advancement (0.1 mm steps)

  • Quick blade adjustment without disassembly

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Removable support stand

  • 30° and 45° bevel capability with optional tool holder

  • Facing and beveling in one step

Flexibility and Productivity

Our squaring machines are corded or battery operated for more flexibility. Double-edged facing inserts made of HSS TIALN guarantee an optimum tool lifespan and perfect surface finnish. 

The clamping jaws open wide allowing for easy tube positioning.


The machine can be adjusted within just a matter of seconds depending on the diameter of the tube.

Unique bench-mount design without collets!

The AXXAIR DC115-BM1 (0.5" to 4.5" OD) and DC221-BM1 (2" to 8.625" OD) use a concentric clamping mechanism which doesn't require collets.