pipe Beveling with a single rotation around
Chanfrein orbital AXXAIR

The AXXAIR pipe beveling machine is unique due to the fact that it uses the same frame as the AXXAIR orbital saw making it a cutting and beveling system ideal for industrial pipefitting or pipe shops.

This orbital technology can be semi-automated with accessories such as a measuring pipe conveyor system, automatic rotation, and an electric clamping option.

Our pipe beveling equipment is safe to operate, fast, consistent, and makes a cold bevel ready to weld with or without landing on stainless steel and carbon steel pipe as well as other alloys.

Setup is easy and once it is defined, this pipe beveling machine will give you a perfect and consistent bevel on every pipe.

V and J bevel capabilities.

AXXAIR's unique and patented design

Create a bevel 10 times faster than HSS tools.

Bevel 4 inch SCH40 in 40 seconds!

Standard configuration includes a tracking device

A device for tracking out-of-round pipe and allows an ideal preparation before welding

Carbide process

The AXXAIR carbide process creates very low vibrations. The bevel is made in a single and fast rotation of the motor around the pipe. Set up, adjustment and bevel are simple and done quickly. Each machine can process a large range of diameters without requiring specific clamping jaws per diameter. 


The machining process is done while the operator is standing behind the machine and not in direct contact with the pipe and the machine. The plastic guard prevents the shavings from flying away and makes it easy to wipe them down.

No sparks, no flame, no smoke nor dust, and no need to use a lubricant.