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Soudage orbital AXXAIR

20 years of experience in orbital technology.

Our business of manufacturing innovative fabrication machinery and equipment for the orbital tube working process for the industries of food and beverage, chemics and petrochemicals, pharmaceutics, as well as semiconductors, drives us to constantly improve our exposure and services for our customers and distributors.

Given our high percentage of export sales (over 70% of turnover), our tube fabrication and processing equipment are represented worldwide thanks to our subsidiaries and distributors.
We have subsidiaries located around the world, strengthening our global presence for innovative industrial processes.

Our commercial network

Our R&D department


Prototypes, design, industrial engineering, production, special machines: ever since the foundation of our company, our design office has always been an essential component of our developing department.

Being a patented manufacturer of orbital tube processing machines, AXXAIR is constantly exploring new concepts in the field of orbital cutting, beveling and welding.

In order to be able to offer you the best fabrication machinery and technology through our products, our team is equipped with skills in the domains of the mechanics, software, communication and automatization. We also collaborate with other companies to favor the synergies necessary for the design and development of new solutions.

Always at the forefront of industrial technologies for the realization of our machines, our catalogue of orbital fabrication machinery also benefits from our continuous improvement.

Sustainable development



AXXAIR promotes sustainable development in industrial activities. As a part of our sustainable approach, we have decided to no longer issue paper catalogues. In today's connected world, we believe that digital catalogues are a practical and suitable alternative. We hope that you understand and will adopt this approach - not only for our own good but also for the good of our planet and for future generations.