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Orbital Cutting


Cut without tube deformation (concentric multi-contact clamping ), ideal for thin wall stainless tubes and pipes. A cut of quality geometry (perpendicularity < 0.25 mm) and a good surface condition (limited burring).

Three types of motor

Rapid installation of the motor onto the machine body let secure the machine more easily on the worksite (motor delivered in a plastic case).


Portable machines that are easy to move, just as suitable for use on a worksite as in a workshop.

Flexibility Productivity

AXXAIR bodies (with the exception of CC80 and CC121 ECO) are quickly and easily adapted to orbital bevelling and welding.

AXXAIR concentric patented clamping

With 3 to 8 STAINLESS STEEL jaws, offers the largest diameter capacity per model and let minimise the distance from clamping jaw to cutting blade to 15 mm with the basic jaws and 2 mm with extra jaws (according to model). This allows 16 lines of contact to ensure a precise cut without deformation of thin tubes.


Rapid cut: for example: stainless steel tube 304L 88.9X 2 mm in 20 seconds.
Simple and nearly instantaneous adjustment of cut diameter.

Drive wheel

A standard feature: let turn the motor around the pipe with gear reduction.
Avoid wasted efforts and difficult working positions. Ensures an even advance of the tool, which increases blade lifetime and improves the quality of the cut.