5 good reasons for choosing automated orbital TIG welding

Orbital TIG welding is a welding process that requires a high level of competence and experience in order to produce great results . But it is quite difficult to count only on the experience and the skill of the welders to realise these kinds of welds, when productivity is required in addition to high quality welds. Automated welding with Axxair welding equipment offers a good solution when striving for these standards. In this article you will read more about the advantages and disadvantages of automated orbital welding.

What are the advantages of automated orbital TIG welding?

1. High quality welds

You obtain a much better quality by automated TIG welding compared to manual welding. Welds produced manually are not always of a poor quality, but the number of discarded tubes / defects is higher compared to TIG welding.

2. Training / Competences

Using an orbital welding equipment is possible without a long and tedious training. You do not need to bean accomplished welder to proceed to orbital welding. Training sessions are typically much shorter and easier compared to those of a specialized welder. This means a gain in terms of labour costs and in deploying the welding teams.

3. A higher productivity

Automated orbital TIG welding provides you with a better productivity compared to manual welding. The welding tasks can be registered and repeated any time it will be necessary. When you make a weld manually, a variety of factors have a direct influence over it, whereas with automated TIG welding, the welds can be repeated by the equipment as often as required in the future.

4. A welding technology suiting confined space environments

Orbital welding equipment allows welding in all situations: confined spaces, lack of visibility, high-risk environments. Welding can be performed from a remote location and a special welding camera can be added to the equipment, reducing any risk for the operators.

5. Orbital TIG welding ensures better monitoring and traceability of the welds

Orbital welding equipment allows great recording of each weld. Every welding parameter is registered, the welds can be repeated any time by means of the data acquisition of each weld.


Yes, orbital TIG welding requires an investment if you want to automatize welding, but the return on investment is achieved quickly by the high quality of the welds that automated welding provides, as well as the increase in productivity.

If you need more information, just download the handbook for orbital TIG welding and discover how this process will help you to comply with your customers’ demands, while enhancing your productivity.


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