AXXAIR celebrated its 20 years anniversary

AXXAIR, founded in 1997 by Mr. Frédéric LEGRAND is specialized in orbital tube working machines. The beginning of the adventure became immediately international with the establishment of a solid worldwide distribution network.

Today AXXAIR has 3 subsidiaries, in South Korea, Germany and the United States, and a sub subsidiary in China. Having a network of more than 40 distributors worldwide, AXXAIR and its 52 employees continue to evolve over time. The group has now become one of the leaders in orbital solutions market.

Originally from Drôme, AXXAIR celebrated for the first time its 20 years anniversary in September 2017 at the "Schweißen und Schneiden" fair in Germany. A privileged moment for its international distributors, AXXAIR shared a private party to celebrate its birthday.

Then on May 21 and 22, 2018, this exceptional occasion continued. First of all, Mr. and Mrs. LEGRAND took their 52 employees to the south of France for an "electric bike" activity and an evening on a private catamaran to reward the group for having contributed to the development of AXXAIR for the last 20 years. As Mr. Legrand said, "You need skills in the business, but you need energy and happiness to make it work, and happiness we try to create it every day."

The second day, the event continued, at AXXAIR’s headquarters in Etoile-sur-Rhône. The sales team from France and the collaborators from different subsidiaries (South Korea, Germany, China and the USA) started the day with a Sales Meeting, full of exciting discussions on the overall strategy of the company.

Then, the official evening took place - AXXAIR welcomed more than 150 guests to the event. The guests came from different backgrounds: customers, suppliers, bankers, partners and friends. After a guided tour through the various departments of the company, the guests spent a friendly evening under the tent of 250m 2 installed for this event. AXXAIR also took the opportunity to officially inaugurate its new buildings and award trophies to partners and collaborators present since its beginnings. It was in 2017 that AXXAIR extended its premises: an extension of more than 600 m2 has been built. AXXAIR wants to develop more and be more reactive, that's why its assembly workshop has doubled its surface.

AXXAIR, a company with strong founding values, it promotes quality, performance and innovation - but not only! The Mayor of Etoile sur Rhône, Mrs. Françoise CHAZAL spoke at the inauguration: "It's the ambiance that takes over in your company ... The city shines internationally thanks to AXXAIR ... AXXAIR has many values, values of sharing, competence and autonomy.” Thanks to these strong values, the company and its employees have established trusting relationships with their different customers over the last 20 years. And the AXXAIRIENS are not ready to stop!

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