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In order to understand AXXAIR’s philosophy, we need to take a few steps back in time. Over 20 years ago, in the early days of this orbital welding specialist, the current CEO Mr. Legrand developed an orbital cutting machine. But facing the fact that this was a niche market and that AXXAIR’s customers needed support throughout the entire production process, two decisions were made very quickly: to offer a global process and to expand internationally. And there you have AXXAIR's DNA.

From the very beginning, AXXAIR focused on developing an international network, as orbital welding requires customer support that can be right on site on the customer’s premises to be by their side throughout their piping projects.


AXXAIR’s network: 4 subsidiaries spread around the globe

With its headquarter in France and subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, South Korea and China, AXXAIR is proud of its global presence which provides clients with the same service, anywhere in the world.

At AXXAIR, we don’t only manufacture and sell orbital equipment. We study our customers’ real needs beforehand, all while considering every aspect possible – even the ones he might not have thought of himself. We make visits on site, no matter where you are located.  

Our service as well as our training for the general use of our equipment and the setup for the customers’ specific applications is global and international, while respecting the norms and standards of the customers country. 

All our international colleagues are perfectly trained and capable to assist you whenever necessary. Support is not just a word we use, we stand by it: we share all our expertise via extranet and if necessary, our “super experts” will travel to the four corners of the world in order to satisfy our customers.

With our after-sales service-hotline, our customers are offered a solution within 48 hours at the latest … but in most cases we are able to help you within moments.


AXXAIR’s network: distributors as close to our customers as possible

But AXXAIR’s network also includes a large number of distributors located in many countries who handle the sales, the training and the after-sales-service. 

We select our partners with great care and cultivate a strong partnership with them through many exchanges and reciprocal support. They receive the same initial and continuous training as other AXXAIR employees and have access to the same technical information via the extranet and our hotline.

You can also become a distributor for AXXAIR and be part of our large network!

We can provide a global, immediate and quality service anywhere in the world. We are close to our customers and their work sites or factories. This way, everyone wins … especially the customer! 

Check out our catalogs to find out more about our machines for thin and thick tubes. 




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