Exporting orbital tube working machines outside the European Union: how does it work?

It is important to follow all steps necessary for customs clearance in order to avoid any delay in transport. If the customs formalities aren’t followed correctly, the machines might get held back at the borders.

How does the exporting of our orbital solutions to countries outside the European Union work and how can we guarantee a high-quality service? 


On-site customs clearance procedure:
for a faster delivery of your orbital equipment

For exports of our orbital solutions outside the European Union, there are two types of customs to be considered:

  • export customs for when the goods leave France
  • import customs for when the goods enter the country of destination

Since 2016, AXXAIR is able to "clear customs at origin", which ensures a fast delivery of the equipment to the customer, without running the risk of having the machines be blocked at customs.

How to place an order with AXXAIR?


On-site customs clearance procedure: a guarantee for quality and rigorous attention to detail

A customs agency authorizes certain qualified companies to conduct the process of clearing customs on their own premises which greatly simplifies and speeds up the customs operations and therewith the delivery. 

It is granted upon request and after approval. To obtain this approval, the exporting company must meet a certain number of "authorized operator" criteria and pass an audit.

This requires a high degree of rigor and expertise regarding the several steps and processes.  

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How does this translate into practice at AXXAIR?

The customs clearance of goods takes place on AXXAIR's premises, without having to pass through the official customs office.

When the goods are invoiced and ready to be shipped in-house, AXXAIR sends all the documents such as invoices, packing list and the reference number of the last EU customs office through which the goods will circulate to customs for export clearance.

Customs then has two hours to clear the goods. During this time, the goods must be stored in a clearly designated area, as a responsible from the customs office can come and check the goods at any time.

Once the customs clearance formalities have been fulfilled, AXXAIR receives the transitory document called MRN (Movement Reference Number) which is validated automatically by the customs office indicated beforehand as soon as the goods leave the European Union. AXXAIR can then receive a confirmation of shipment.


The advantage of the one-site customs
clearance for distributors and end users

The distributor (and therefore also his customers, the end-users)

  • gain time,
  • profit from the reduced delay caused by goods being held in customs
  • and benefits from an uninterrupted shipment because the export customs formalities have been cleared before shipment and the goods are not at risk of being blocked at customs.

AXXAIR profits from this customs procedure through optimal management of the export records.

This guarantees that customs clearance will be carried out under the best possible conditions. The shipment of our orbital solutions thus takes place without any problems or difficulties – even outside the European Union.

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