How to convert the measurements of diameter and wall thickness of tubes

When it comes to the tube and pipe working process, the units of measurement can differ from one country to another. This can cause problems for the international trade and when communicating with your customers or partners abroad. Therefore, we are offering you a simple tool that facilitates these exchanges for your global tube working processes!


Millimeters, centimeters, inches or feet:
how to properly convert measurements


We created the online converter for measurements that you need! All your pipes are measured in inches? Don’t worry, whether it`s into mm, cm or even m – we got you covered! All measurement conversions can be done super quickly with the AXXAIR converter.

The metric system was introduced in France in 1799 after the French Revolution. Although there have been many different types of measurements and the definitions of the units have been revised several times, the official system of measurement in most countries is the current form of the metric system, better known as the “International System of Units”.

Nonetheless, there are other systems of measurement being used in the world, like for instance in the UK or in the United States. Companies often use inches, feet and thumbs as a unit of measurement.


AXXAIR has the solution: an online converter
for tube and pipe measurements


International communication is not always easy due to the language barrier. If a cultural understanding problem is added, the exchange with customers, partners and/or suppliers becomes even more difficult. This is also true for the pipe processing industry, many companies nowadays rely on experts from abroad (ordering pipes and pipe accessories, prefabricated sub-units of an installation, etc.)

As most companies, AXXAIR operates on different continents and has a wide range of distributors and subsidiaries spread all around the world. One of these subsidiaries is AXXAIR USA, which makes it important of knowing and understanding the different measuring systems.

For each process of orbital cutting, tube squaring, pipe beveling or orbital welding, the machine is selected according to the pipe diameter and the wall thickness of the tube.

The configuration details for each machine must therefore be indicated using a unified measurement system, in our case the metric system. To help you convert the measurements of pipe diameter and wall thickness of your tubes, we created a tool that allows you to easily set up your machine.



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How does it work?

  • The first column indicates the industrial designation of the tube.
  • The second column refers to inches (used in the United States and the UK). 
  • Relevant standards (Schedules) and the related diameter of tubes and pipes are indicated as well.
  • The wall thickness of the pipe and its inside diameter (ID) will vary according to the standards.  

Most of you are already familiar with these standards but a quick reminder sure doesn’t hurt!

And that’s it from our part! Go ahead and make use of this converter whenever your business requires you to jump back and forth between measurement systems.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or queries you might have;
we are more than happy to assist you!



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