Key challenge: Preparation of small and thin walled tubes before welding

We cannot stress it enough : the quality of the weld is dependent on pre-weld preparation of the tubes and fittings, ensuring optimum conditions and use of the proper equipment.

Tools to avoid during preparation of thin walled tubes before welding


To prepare for an orbital weld, there are tools to avoid use of, primarily due to possible distortion of the tubes, the production of chips and particles and the modification of the metallurgical structure of the cutting edge. Examples of tools to be avoided are metal saws, wire cutters and so on.

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In need of orbital squaring ? A cornelian dilemma ?


It all depends on the final application of the tubes, for standard applications, an orbital cut is sufficient. Because AXXAIR’s range of cutting saw frames, use concentric clamping with multi-contact jaws, it guarantees a perfect geometry and surface conditions suitable for a wide range of industrial fields.  The frame can also be adapted afterwards for orbital beveling and welding! 

Thanks to its light weight and ergonomic design, this equipment can be used on site or in a workshop. Making the versatility of this equipment a worthy investment.


Tube squaring : when the quality must be perfect !


For high purity weld applications, a large number of variables must be considered :

The tubes must have a perfect geometry before welding as the smallest defect will produce a non-smooth weld, where dirt or bacteria can infiltrate  production.


A perfectly straight cut, free of chips (burrs) or dust. In this case, the squaring of the tube is mandatory, as no other means can guarantee a perfectly clean surface.

If the tube has been cut with a tube cutter or a metal saw, the geometry of the tube will be altered. In this case, you will have to recreate the correct geometry of the tube, by using orbital squaring to create the perfect weld preparation. 

Watch our demonstration of orbital cut vs tube squaring

In summary, both technologies have their place when it comes to preparing tubes before welding. It all dependent on the final application.


The automation of the preparation of thin walled tubes before welding


Perfect preparation of the tubes is as important as mastering the orbital welding.

To this end, specific working areas should be dedicated for the cutting and/or squaring of the tubes. This will assist in avoidance of any external influence which could potentially be harmful. All finished parts should be stored in a clean, dry storage area. Allowing the operator to work in a secure manner, ensuring compliance with essential health and safety codes, daily.



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