New Orbital Cutting Machine AXXAIR 171ECO

We develloped the ECO cutting range in order to respond to users looking simply for a cutting solution for thin tubes.

METABO motorisation offers a large speed range and a torque big enough for thin stainless steel tube applications.

This motor also has a handle that gives the possibility for the motor to be turned manually around the machine.

  • 171ECO-10.jpgMachines dedicated to thin tubes < 5 mm wall thickness
  • Easy to transport and less heavy
  • Attractive prices

 download the orbital cutting handbook

 The new product in the ECO cutting range : the 171ECO

  • Concentric clamping system : No tube deforming
  • Basic stainless steel jaws : Ø 70 - Ø170
  • Extra stainless steel jaws included : Ø 16 - Ø118
  • Cutting precision : perpendicular cuts < 0.25 mm
  • Double shafted cutting motor with 2 blade positions
  • Limited vibration and tube distortion : Optimized blade-jaws distance
  • Weight: 44 kg (easy handling)


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