The orbital squaring of small tubes and microfittings

Squaring your tubes can allow you to save money especially while working with microfittings. 

Why microfittings are a good application for squaring machines? 

In this video, we want to talk to you about a specific application : the squaring of small tubes and microfittings with diameters up to 17,2 mm/ 5/8’’. Liam will introduce this special squaring feature on microfits or microfittings and explain you the importance of it.

With special clamping jaws provided by AXXAIR, the specific micro-fittings can be squared in order to be used again after a bad weld. They are mainly used in pharmaceutical, semiconductor or micro chemistry industries. Find out more in this video!

Axxair has a large range of orbital machines. Contact us for a free presentation of our machines.

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